States – Here you need to record the states that Technician work is performed in. Any state that a Job Site resides in that is not stated, the hours worked will show up in a General column. For tax purposes you need to include all states that you do work in.

Custom Zones - Certain Cities and Geographical areas have custom tax zones that have to be excluded from general state taxes. Major cities are usually an example of this and all work hours that occur in that zone must be separated and excluded from general state hours. To do this simply create a zone and label it to match your city or special area.

Any work performed at a Job Site located in a zip code that resides in this zone will have the hours worked separated out from the corresponding state zone and add to the custom zone. Multiple custom zones with the same zip code will see a copy of the hours duplicated between custom zones. Any hours that are displayed in custom zones will not be shared or shown in state zones.

As a contractor you need to check with your payroll supervisor and see if any custom zones need to be created and if so you need to provide Service Software Solutions with information about which city or zone needs to be created.

Special Time - Special Time is based on approved availability and usage. Hours accumulated under special time are not used to calculate overtime. Using the checkboxes associated you need to specify which types of special time you would like to see reported.

Vacation - Specify the displaying of Vacation time on the report.

Sick - Turns on and off the displaying of Sick time on the report.

Holiday - Specify the displaying of Holiday time on the report

Training - Specify the displaying of Training time on the report. Training hours are calculated based on the number of hours the technician worked that were labeled as paid training. The hours are shown for accounting, but are also included in the general hours separated by State and Custom Zones. They are not included in the total for the technician’s week on the report.

PTO - Specify the displaying of PTO time on the report

Holidays are recorded by Time Manager but are not displayed though the mobile device. They are also not currently blocked by the Service Request page as work may still need to be performed on an observed holiday. Holiday hours are included in the Time report and are added to the Technicians weekly hours but are NOT attributed to overtime and are added after overtime is calculated by the system.

Holiday Time - Holidays are set by the Contractor and account for eight hours per holiday. Every day off for holiday must be accounted for in the table on the Contractor’s profile table. (Multiple days around Christmas must be separated out.) You will need a list of all holidays that are observed by the company and what their dates are. In some instances, the dates will change yearly. The Contractor will be required to visit this section of the profile at the beginning of every year and adjust any dates that change.