Dave Library

The Library page opens with the listing page. This is a list of all files that are in the library and available to be attached to equipment. The library is an archive of attached or linked files that are collected to be referenced to equipment. This can be images, manuals, instructions and anything that can be put in image or PDF format or linked from the web. You can also simply source a website for a piece of equipment or an online article. These items when put into the library are given a name, assigned to Equipment Types, Manufacturers, and Models. These documents, images, and links become available to any piece of Equipment that you enter into the system that meets one of the Criteria of Type, Manufacturer, or Model.

Adding Item

Equipment Type ID: What type of equipment is this item to be referenced to. Field is required.

Equipment Manufacturer: What Manufacturers are related to this item. (Optional)

Model Number: Compiled from all equipment related to all manufacturers that have been selected.

File Type: Selecting if the Library item is a file or a web link.

File List: This shows what File/Link is attached to the Library Item.

Title: What do you want to name the item to be able to identify and select the item from the Equipment Page.

Private: Items that are NOT private are available for use by all contractors.