Dave Lockout Tagout

Lock Out Tag Out allows the web user to create rules that must be followed for any identified piece of equipment that is in need of special procedures for handling the equipment. This can be asking the tech to wear certain safety protective equipment, identifying hazardous conditions, and required lock out devices to ensure the safety of all people involved in working on and around the equipment. Setting up a LOTO and applying it to a piece of equipment is a simple process of creating and naming a plan and assigning the plan to a Equipment Type. Then specifying all required equipment. Once done you can add steps that may be required of the Technician that may contain steps to follow, images, and can even require an image be captured by the tech to record that the plan was followed. The system allows the web user to add as many steps as needed. Once the plan is complete and set up, it can be assigned to a single piece of equipment via the Equipment set up page.

Equipment Type: Which types of equipment will these LOTO procedure be available to?

Lock-Out Plan ID: Give the plan a name.

Personal Protective Equipment: Check and identify all protective equipment that the technician might need or be required to use when working on the equipment.

Hazardous Energy Sources: Check and identify all sources that might be hazardous to the technician so he/she is aware of them before starting work.

Required Lock-Out Devices: Identify the number and locking required to successfully lock out a device. Any device that the web user adds a quantity to will be required. Add in notes to explain to the tech how the lock is to be used.

Steps: Steps can be added to the lockout procedure as needed. The system requires at least one step be completed to save the plan. Give each step a Title, Instructions on how to perform the step and upload an image if needed. Then you can check the box if the tech is required to take a picture because continuing to the next step.

To add another step simply click the Add Step to Procedure button at the top of the steps list.