Dave Time Manager

Time Manager Module is designed to track time for employees paid hourly within the Equipment Manager Mobile App. The module allows employees to punch time at the start of each job and gives a live accurate breakdown of the employees working hours for the day and work week. The web side of Time Manager allows Contractors to compile working hours in real time, track overtime, and also log Vacation, Sick, and Personal time if needed.

Overview & Analysis

The Overview and Analysis page is broken down into three sections, Company Weekly Information, Techs on the Clock, and Current Technician Totals.

Technicians on the Clock

This section shows all technicians that are currently logging time in the current week, what their current status is, what job they are on, and when they started the current job.

A couple of factors go into this section; one is that it reports the latest information the cloud server has available. If the tech is in a location that does not have data service, the last reported status from the mobile will show here. This could be Home, or the last job he punched on before his current status. The section will not tell you if the tech is on vacation, PTO, or Sick as indicated in the system. If the tech punched into a job, the section will tell you the job number. In most cases the information should be accurate and give you an idea where each mobile user is and what they are doing.

Company Weekly Information

This section is designed to give up to date company hours’ information based on the current time. All jobs are calculated to include time from clock in to the time of page load. This will become more helpful as the week progresses. The closer you get to 40 hours the more critical the information.

Regular Time, Overtime and Contract Time are added up from all employees for the current work week.

Break Time is calculated based on the number of breaks recorded by the system and what the duration of a break is set at. The system does not record actual break durations. Only the equivalent of how many were taken at the maximum amount of time available for a break by the tech according to the tech category profile.

Paid Hours are everything that is paid out to the technician. Regular, Overtime, Contract, Holidays, PTO and Sick. Lunch and off time are not paid and therefore not included.

Time Hours are how many hours the system has recorded all mobile users on any legitimate job. This includes Regular and Overtime hours and should be the sum of those hours.

Labor Hours are calculated using information outside of Time Manager and is the total of all Service Labor hours recorded during the current work week.

Labor Efficiency is calculated by taking Time Hours and dividing Labor Hours. This shows how close the contractor is to billing for all hours worked.

Current Technician Totals

This section is sorted by Tech Category, Work Week, and can be organized by aspects such as Last Name, or how many hours they have. Each line shows the Tech’s Name, Payable Hours accumulated, graphs showing Hours worked and Service Hours recorded, and a short breakdown of Regular, Overtime, and Break Time accumulated by user. This information is all based on the current work week. The techs payable hours accumulation it shown next to his name taking into account the current job the tech is on up to the current time of web page load. Links to view/edit the techs daily time and also to an efficiency report for that technician. The Efficiency Report shows hours recorded by day against Service Labor hours recorded. At a glance, you can see from the bar graphs on this page if the technician is being efficient in recording Service Labor to meet his Time Clock hours. By viewing the Efficiency Report we can see in detail if and where hours are not being recorded so they can be corrected and properly billed.

Submission & Approval

This section is used by the Payroll person to track payroll time. The first section shows all techs and wither or not they have submitted time for the work week. This section can be sorted by Tech Category, and be set to show any work week. The second section shows Time Approval. This section allows the payroll manager to specify if the time for the week has been paid or not. Equipment Manager does not have a built in ability to pay users, but it can and does allow the web user to log if the function has been done. Each employee listed tells the payroll manager who they are, wither or not they have been paid for the selected week, and list details about how much Straight Time, Sick Time, Vacation, Overtime have been recorded. It also offers a Details link to edit and fix time for the selected week.

Time Submission

The first section shows all techs and wither or not they have submitted time for the work week. Technicians are required by the system to submit there working hours at the end of each work week before the system will allow them to begin clocking new hours for a new week. This process of submitting time is a checks and balance to allow the technician to check over all hours for the previous week and approve them by submitting his time.

This section is based on a Tech Category and can be set to show any work week. A mobile user can submit time for any day at any time, but the user is required to submit all time for the previous week before starting the next week. Submitting time states that the mobile user has reviewed all the time punches the mobile has collected for the day and is in approval with what the mobile has recorded. Once the mobile user has submitted his/her time, the punches for those days are no longer accessible to the mobile user. The web Time Submission section is a simple table that shows if the mobile users have submitted their time or not.

The web user has the ability to force time submission for any mobile user by clicking on the Not Submitted button, this will prompt a warning and if ok, force all time for the selected week to become submitted. If this is done, the next time the mobile user logs out and back in, the time for the submitted week will no longer be visible to the mobile user. If a time punch is edited after the mobile user has submitted time, the Submitted blue button will turn Not Submitted and the new punch will have to be resubmitted or the week in question will have to be submitted again by the web user.

Time Approval

The second section shows Time Approval. This section allows the manager to specify if the time collected and approved for the week selected has been paid or not. Equipment Manager does not have a built in ability to pay users, but it can and does log if the function of paying the technician has been done. Each line of information listed tells the manager who the technician is, their category classification, wither or not they have been paid for the selected week, and list time details about how much Straight, Sick, Vacation, Overtime have been recorded. It also offers a link to edit time for that week.

Payroll Report

As a bonus the Time Approval section will generate a Payroll Report. This is an excel sheet that breaks the numbers displayed by the Time Approval table down even more by states and custom categories as needed to report payroll. Features related to the excel report sheet are controlled by the Time Reporting section of the Contractor Profile. Contractor can set report to break down by states and custom zones by zip codes. The report will also show the number of hours related to special times such as Vacation, Sick, Holiday, PTO and Training.

When creating a Time Report, the web user is asked to choose a week for the reporting function to compile. The definition of the work week is defined in the Contractor Profile under the Time Manager section. In that section the Contractor can define the day that the work week starts on. Every week is defined as a seven-day period that includes the designated day selected as a starting day and the six days following. Payroll Reports are compiled on a bye week basis due to overtime restrictions being limited to any seven-day period. Companies that pay employees on a two week or more period will need to run the report for each week to be included as the report will have to break down all reporting with overtime by week. Details on setting up the Time Manager section of the Contractor Profile can be found in the help sections detailed the Contractor Profile.

Every report that is generated shows all time information for the designated technician broken down by Regular time and overtime as compiled by the system using the time punches that were submitted by the technician throughout the week. All punches are compiled in order until the technician reaches 40 hours and then are broken and shown as overtime. Regular time and Overtime are compiled and broken down by designated states selected in the Time Manager section of the Contractor Profile and also by Custom Zones as also defined in the Contractor Profile. If time is collected that for some reason does not fall in the designated states or Custom Zones, the time will show up in a column labeled Other. Every time punch is categorically placed in the location columns based on the address of the Job Site that the time punch is assigned to. In most cases if time is reported in the Other column it can be traced back to a Job Site that has an address that is not correct or mis-entered into the system.

Along with compiling time by location, the report shows all vacation, sick, PTO and Holiday time that has been entered into the system for the technician that falls in the week that has been defined. Vacation, Sick and PTO are shown if the Contractor has elected to use those special time types. They can be turned on and off in the Contractor Settings under Time Reporting.

On the right side, the report also breaks down the time by day to show how the technician worked his hours by day of the week.

Daily Time Editor

The Daily Time Editor section allows the web user to make edits directly to the punches that have been recorded by technicians. This is where the web user can view the individual punches for any technician for any day.

Weekly Time Submission breaks down time by day and shows hours accumulated for each day by Regular, Overtime, and Totals. The web user can change the week being displayed on the page at the top of this section. To the right of each day is a view button that will change the page information to the left to reflect the selected day and show all punches that contribute to the day totals displayed on the left.

The current totals for the week section at the top on the right shows total accumulation for the week that has been selected and also remaining sick, vacation, and PTO for the tech. These three options of Sick, PTO and Vacation will only show up if they are enabled in the Contractor Profile.

The last section is the Daily Time Submission. This is a breakdown of a single day’s punch submissions from a tech. You can change it by clicking the view button on the Weekly Submission section. The section shows Job Numbers, Job Site info, Time Category type, Time Punch Time and job Durations. From this screen you can also edit/delete a punch, and add a punch as needed. Clicking on the Geo pin will show the web user where the Tech was located when he created the selected punch.