Equipment Manager is a cloud based software designed to support HVAC type companies with their office and field based needs related to managing a HVAC company and doing HVAC work. While the software was designed with HVAC in mind, it can be used for a number of industry trade service type companies not just HVAC related. EM is flexible enough to be used by electricians, plumbers and control type companies. With full integration of QuickBooks the Contractor has the ability to quickly intake data and pass all your financial aspects directly to QBO allowing you to utilize QuickBooks full suite of financial features.

Equipment Manager Computer

The EM web portal includes a great deal of features designed to make managing office needs simple and efficient. Modules such as customer service request intake, logistics routing and job assignment. Human resources such as time management, scheduling and time off. Customer modules such as building contracts and proposals. Vendor modules for in field buys and purchase order processing. Asset tools such as vehicle manager, tool and inventory management. All of these modules come with different levels of reporting and tracking. Everything to keep your company running smooth and on track.

EM Dave image

The Equipment Manager (EM) mobile application allows field personnel to login wherever there is mobile data and get all the latest job information at their fingertips. The EM app allows mobile users to clock their time, view and process assigned jobs. In addition, mobile users can enter, inspect and document all types of equipment including maintenance and replacement requests. Mobile user can also make job related purchases in the field, make notes on equipment, jobs and attach images. The EM mobile app gives users the ability to marked equipment as needing repair, inspected and make needed equipment edits. All Equipment history can be viewed directly from the mobile in the field in addition to back at the office.

Equipment Manager gives a company the tools needed to quickly and successfully run a business of equipment service. Saving contractors and their employees time and money, reducing the need for multiple trips to a jobsite by allowing field user the ability to quickly and accurately capture needed equipment data easily and making it available to everyone office and field instantly.