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With Equipment Manager - Customer Portal, now Owners and Property Managers can have expanded access to see all their work orders. Create Jobs, view service requests, view all your job sites, equipment and work records. The portal also allows customers to see proposals, job status, and equipment inspections. The new Customer Portal is ever evolving and bringing Owners and Property Managers like you more options and features every day. Equipment Manager provides all this and more at your fingertips.

Owners/ Property Managers Benefits

Comprehensive Equipment History
The Equipment Manager allows you to easily access all service reports, images and equipment history. All assigned contractors provide standardized, accurate reports for instant and easy viewing.
Failure Notification
Equipment Manager minimizes work by only e-mailing the reports that need to be reviewed. These reports are typically received before the Technician leaves the job site, allowing for quicker response time. The system will also notify the tenant and inform them that the issue is being addressed.
Custom Equipment
Create custom equipment and have your local guest techs respond and service your equipment. The Customer Portal now allows users to create a track custom equipment locally and assign local mobile users to service.
Service Request
Simply select the Job Site, Equipment ID, Contractor, and enter a comment. Equipment Manager will notify the contractor with the necessary information so they may respond quickly.

Have your Guest Technicians up and running in no time flat!

Any person framiliar with using a smart phone can easily navigate the Guest Technician App for Equipment Manager. Allow your local maintenance and techs to access all service & maintenance history for equipment. Record notes and upload images related to any equipment. They can even request additional service in seconds using the Guest Technician app.
Download the Guest Technician App Today!
Failed Equipment Notification!!
Be in the know, when a mobile user flags a piece of equipment as being disabled or when they complete a job, know immediately. The Guest Technician app will immediately email you as the Owner/Property Manager when something significant happens. New Jobs, Completing Jobs, Equipment Issues, be in the know!