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For Owners/Property Managers

Owners/Property Managers Benefits

Automated Equipment Tracking
The Equipment Manager database stores every report, image, and PDF with the item of equipment it belongs to. Every contractor provides the same report though the system, standardizing their reports for easy viewing.
Failure Notification
Equipment Manager minimizes work by only e-mailing the reports that need to be reviewed. These reports are typically received before the Technician leaves for the job site, allowing for quicker response time. The system will also notify the tenant and inform them that the issue is being addressed.
Maintenance Scheduling
Equipment manager allows the owner/property manager to take control of the maintenance scheduling. Notifications are automatically emailed to the providing contractor, as well as the occupant of the building. The Owner/Property Manager may give the contractor this responsibility if they desire.
Service Request
Simply select the Job Site, Equipment ID, Contractor, and enter a comment. Equipment Manager will notify the contractor with the necessary information so they may respond quickly.

Have your Building Engineers up and running in no time flat!

Any person framiliar with using a smart phone can easily navigate the Building Engineer App. Allow your building engineer to access all service & maintenance history for equipment. They can even request service calls in seconds using Building Engineer.

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Failed Equipment Notification!!

Every contractors technicians will submit all forms through Equipment Manager. When an item of equipment is found needing repairs, you are notified immediately when the form is submitted.

Save Thousands!!

Allow Equipment Manager to monitor your preventative maintenance schedule . No more phone calls requesting tenants to send reports, or notifying them the maintenance is pass due. Equipment Manager does it all for you.