The Service Record is the basic form for tracking all general work completed by the mobile technicians that does not relate to performing inspections and replacement requests. Service Records consists of three basic things, a description of what the tech has done, the labor involved in doing the completed task and listing any materials that might have been consumed in completing the work.

While not required, most techs will complete at least one service record when the job work is complete to inform both the Contractor and the Client what was done and how much time and material was involved in completing the job.

When a service record is completed by the mobile technician, the mobile will ask the tech a series of questions at the end about the job and equipment related, is the equipment disabled and does the equipment need repaired. If the answer to either of these questions is yes, the system will then notify the Contractor and Customer that the equipment is not in satisfactory working condition and needs further work.

Service Record Listing

The service record listing page will allow the Customer to view all the records that have been recorded by mobile users related to Customer assigned jobs. This list includes both licensed and guest Contractors. The Customer can search the listing and if desired click the PDF Report to view a PDF version of the record. Clicking the Images icon will show a list of all images submitted related to the report. Clicking the Location icon will show the user where the technician was located when the report was submitted.

Service Record numbers are based on the Contractor. Because the Customer can have multiple contractors related and submitting service records, the numbers can duplicate. For this reason the service record numbers have a hyphen and additional number following the record number. This additional number is the Contractors ID number for the system that is unique to all Contractors. Contractors can set the starting number for their service records so the numbers showing up in the Service Record listing can greatly vary.

The user has the ability to Download Files at the top of the screen. This feature allows the user to check the box of any number of service records and click the Download Files button. The system will then ask the user if they want to include images in the combined file and then proceed to combine all the related service record PDF’s into one single file.