Dave Tool Manager

Tool Manager is designed to store information about large and important tools that might need to be tracked between Job Sites and Technicians. This can be anything from a Hammer Drill to a Vacuum Pump. The system allows web users to enter information about the tool and its location including repair information. This system is web based only.

The listing page shows all the tools in the system and basic information about Job Site location of the tool. Manufacturer, Model, Serial Number, Supplier and access to uploaded media related to the tool are accessible from the listing.

Tool Information

Tool ID: A unique identifier for the tool.

Tool Description: Brief description of the tool.

MFG: Choose the Manufacturer from the drop menu.

Model: Enter in a model number for the tool.

Serial Number: Enter in a serial number for the tool.

Purchase Date: Record the date of purchase for the tool.

Purchase Price: What was the price of the tool at time of purchase.

Supplier: Where was the tool purchased.

Special Instructions: Any notes that might be relevant pertaining to the tool.

Upload Invoice: Upload a copy of the invoice from the tool purchase.

Tool Location

Technician: Who currently has possession of the tool.

Job Site: What current Job Site is the tool being used at.

Map: The mapping function is based on the Job Site that the tool is assigned to.

Repair Information

Description: What was the reason for the tool being sent off for repair.

Drop-Off Date: When was the tool dropped off for repair.

Pick-Up Date: When was the tool picked up from being repaired.

Service Provider: Who is doing the repairs on the tool.

Upload Invoice: Attach a copy of the invoice for repair on the tool.

Repair Price: How much was paid for the tool to be repaired.

Total Repair Price: What was the total on the Invoice detailing the repair.


Notes: Any notes that might pertain to the tool.

Related Media: Any Images and PDF’s that might be related to the tool.