Overview & Analysis

The Overview and Analysis page is broken down into three sections, Company Weekly Information, Techs on the Clock, and Current Technician Totals.

Technicians on the Clock

This section shows all technicians that are currently logging time in the current week, what their current status is, what job they are on, and when they started the current job.

A couple of factors go into this section; one is that it reports the latest information the cloud server has available. If the tech is in a location that does not have data service, the last reported status from the mobile will show here. This could be Home, or the last job he punched on before his current status. The section will not tell you if the tech is on vacation, PTO, or Sick as indicated in the system. If the tech punched into a job, the section will tell you the job number. In most cases the information should be accurate and give you an idea where each mobile user is and what they are doing.

Company Weekly Information

This section is designed to give up to date company hours’ information based on the current time. All jobs are calculated to include time from clock in to the time of page load. This will become more helpful as the week progresses. The closer you get to 40 hours the more critical the information.

Regular Time, Overtime and Contract Time are added up from all employees for the current work week.

Break Time is calculated based on the number of breaks recorded by the system and what the duration of a break is set at. The system does not record actual break durations. Only the equivalent of how many were taken at the maximum amount of time available for a break by the tech according to the tech category profile.

Paid Hours are everything that is paid out to the technician. Regular, Overtime, Contract, Holidays, PTO and Sick. Lunch and off time are not paid and therefore not included.

Time Hours are how many hours the system has recorded all mobile users on any legitimate job. This includes Regular and Overtime hours and should be the sum of those hours.

Labor Hours are calculated using information outside of Time Manager and is the total of all Service Labor hours recorded during the current work week.

Labor Efficiency is calculated by taking Time Hours and dividing Labor Hours. This shows how close the contractor is to billing for all hours worked.

Current Technician Totals

This section is sorted by Tech Category, Work Week, and can be organized by aspects such as Last Name, or how many hours they have. Each line shows the Tech’s Name, Payable Hours accumulated, graphs showing Hours worked and Service Hours recorded, and a short breakdown of Regular, Overtime, and Break Time accumulated by user. This information is all based on the current work week. The techs payable hours accumulation it shown next to his name taking into account the current job the tech is on up to the current time of web page load. Links to view/edit the techs daily time and also to an efficiency report for that technician. The Efficiency Report shows hours recorded by day against Service Labor hours recorded. At a glance, you can see from the bar graphs on this page if the technician is being efficient in recording Service Labor to meet his Time Clock hours. By viewing the Efficiency Report we can see in detail if and where hours are not being recorded so they can be corrected and properly billed.