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We want to welcome you to a new beginning for your HVAC company with Equipment Manager. We hope that once you fully integrate into using Equipment Manager that you will find so many aspects of your company are running smoother and easier than ever before.

This tutorial will walk you through everything you will have to complete before beginning to use your new Equipment Manager Contractor account. Once you have completed these steps in setting up your Contractor account, we will continue on to setting up required basic elements to begin using the software in the field. Equipment Manager requires no software to be installed on a local computer. You will be required to install our Mobile App on a Technicians mobile device in order to use Equipment Manager in the field. This will be explained later in this Startup Guide.

Please note that throughout this tutorial we will be using examples of setting up a factional company called Batjak HVAC. As we go through the steps you will learn how to set up and input information needed for each element required to start successfully using Equipment Manager with your HVAC company.

The Positions and Roles of Equipment Manager

Equipment Manager is designed to manage and help manage many different aspects of a HVAC company. This includes but is not limited to different positions within a company. We understand that not every company will have separate people to fill these roles and one person may fill multiple roles. Primary positions that are defined by Equipment Manager are as follows.

  • Manager – Oversees Employee request, equipment notices, technician warnings, overviews jobs and sends completed jobs to QB for invoicing.
  • Estimator – Receives all notices of replacement forms.
  • Technician – Receives work order notifications and responsible for doing work on jobs.
  • Dispatcher – Receives work requests and creates work orders.
  • Accounts Receivable – Receives and handles all Purchase Orders, responsible for Vendor coordination and reconciling and sending PO to QuickBooks for Billing.
  • Accounts Payable – Works more closely with QB in Reconciling Billing and making payments to both vendors and sending Invoices to Clients.

These roles cover the bulk of what makes up Equipment Manager and you need to be prepared to have people able to cover all these roles.

Contractor Setup Sections