Service Software Solutions will help every Contractor set up and create their profile in Equipment Manager. We start this by collecting some basic information about your company. Please download and complete the linked Contractor Setup Form provided below. The following steps will help you understand the information that this form requires and why. Once you have completed the form you need to email this form back to Service Software Solutions.

Contractor Setup Form Link

Basic Information is just that, basic information about your company. This information is used in various forms throughout the system where needed. Your email that is entered into the Contractor Email will be used for various correspondence that is handled by Equipment Manager.

Login Email is used to login to Equipment Manager and can be changed but needs to be something that multiple people filling rolls in Equipment Manager can remember and use to log into the system.

Estimators are who is sent information about replacing equipment when a technician makes the determination that a piece of equipment in the field needs to be replaced by failing it on an inspection or directly requesting it be replaced. Defining the Estimator and email allows the system to know who to send the replacement request to. Estimators can be assigned to different Job Sites at that level. You can have as many Estimators as needed or as few as one.

Default Tech Hourly Rate – This is used by the Labor Materials screen to help the manager see estimated value of job costs. The system will use the estimated hourly rate and the amount of worked hours recorded to the job along with material costs and purchase order costs to determine the Estimated Job Cost. This field should be filled with an overall average of your filed technicians hourly rate. The hourly rate can be adjusted by job to reflect more accurate spending on the labor materials screen.

Contractor Logos – Equipment manager uses two logos from the contractor on various forms and elements that are generated by Equipment Manager. The Header Image is used on various reports that are generated. The Image is horizontal and usually contains the Company logo and contact information found in a letter head. Typical size is 8.5 inches wide and 1-1.5 inches tall, no less then 150 dpi. The label logo is generated when QR labels are printed. Typical logo is 2 inches’ square and no less than 150pdi. Service Software Solutions will provide help with logos as needed.