Time Off Requests

Equipment Manager allows the technician to make an electronic request for taking Vacation, Sick, PTO and Bereavement days off. These requests can be viewed by navigating to the Time Off Request screen. On the left of this screen you will find a listing of all the Requests that have been submitted to the system. These requests are sorted chronologically by the date submitted. You can resort this table by clicking on any of the table column headers.

To make edits to a request, simply click on the View Request link to the right side of any request line in the table. This will load the request data in the box to the right of the screen. All request can then be edited from this box. In addition to this, request can be approved without opening the request up. This can be done by simply changing the request status in the table on the left.

All requests are entered into the system with a Status of Suspended. This simply means that the request has not been Approved or Denied by a member of the office management. When a technician submits a request, the system will email the manager that is assigned by the techs category profile. This email will inform the manager that the mobile user has requested time off and provides a link for the manager to go directly to the Time Off Request page to approve or deny the request


The mobile user has access to view all requests that have not seen their schedule date pass. If the requested day off has not arrived or passed, the tech has the ability to view the request, its status, and edit the number of hours that have been requested for that day.

Time off requests are used by the system to compile time off for each mobile user when the Payroll Report is generated for each week. All approved hours that apply to the week of the report and have been approved in the system will show up on the report in the appropriate columns. Hours that are still suspended or have been denied will be ignored by the Payroll report. The report will also display Time Off hours under the days of the week section.