Equipment Manager vs Customer Portal

Equipment Manager Dave

The Customer Portal is a new feature allowing the Customer the ability to log into a special portal within Equipment Manager and view all the details related to work being done to Equipment on the Job Sites related to the Customer. The Customer Portal will allow the Customer to view Service Requests, Records, Inspections, Proposal and additional data that pertains to the Customer from the Equipment Manager System. In addition, the Customer Portal now offers the ability for the Customer to create Guest Contractors that can use a simplified version of the Equipment Manager application called Guest Technician that will allow the Guest Contractors to enter basic service records and do equipment inspections at any of the Job Sites that have been assigned by the Customer.

While the Customer Portal works within the Equipment Manager system, it is not the same as the full Equipment Manager that licensed Contractors use. The Customer Portal is restricted and limited to information pertaining only to the assigned Customer. All Users and Guest Contractors are limited to only inputting information related to the Customers Job Sites and Equipment.