Company Users

There are two types of Users in the Customer Portal, the first is the Company User related directly to the Customer. These are company employees that you are giving a restricted level of access to allow them to login and interact directly with the Portal. User can create jobs, assign Contractors and view work depending on the level of access that is granted.

There are three levels of users in the Customer Portal, Administrators, Managers and Basic Users. Each level is restricted to what they can do. Administrator with the most access, while basic users have the least access.


When a Customer is given access to the Portal by a licensed Contractor, the customer is assigned a login that is considered the Master Administrator login. In addition, the Master Admin can create additional logins that can be granted administrator privileges. Administrators can do the following things by default. Create Guest Contractors, Add Guest Technicians, Assign Contractors to jobs. In addition, the Admin can create other admin, managers and basic users. Administrators have full access to all features of the Customer Portal.


Managers are designed to oversee a Job Site. Managers can be assigned to multiple Job Sites as needed. Managers can create Basic users from the User listing page. Some Managers can be granted access to Create Guest Contractors and Guest Users with permission. Managers can see all Job Site related data such as Records, Jobs, Inspections and Equipment related to the Job Sites that the Manager is assigned to. The login page will allow Managers to see all user activity and Job Requests created by Basic users related to the Job Sites assigned. It is possible to have more than one manager assigned to a Job Site.

Basic Users

The Basic User is the lowest form of access and is granted to someone that will only have the ability to login and request service from a Job Site. Basic Users can only be assigned to a single Job Site. They cannot see Portal information beyond the Job Requests that they submit. Basic users do not have any access to see anything related to another user.