Service Request Types allow the Customer to sort Service Requests based on custom categories. This also allows the Service Request to be identified when they are related to equipment and issues outside of the HVAC basis related to licensed Contractors and Equipment Manager. The Customer portal allows the Customer to incorporate any type of Contractor to use the system even fictional if needed. For instance, a Contractor could be created for the Maintenance staff to allow the Customer users to enter and assign issues to work orders and then assign those work orders to the “Maintenance” Contractor. By creating a Request Type for the maintenance jobs, the customer can then better track how many jobs are being created that fall under the maintenance category.

It is possible to have as many Request Types as desired. Contractors are not directly related to the Request Types so you can assign any job from any Request Type to any Contractor. In addition, when you create a new Request Type, you can enter an email to be notified when a Service Request assigned to that Request type is created. This can better help key people become aware of specific jobs that are being created. In the example of maintenance, if your maintenance department was overseen by a manager, then you could assign that person to receive an email every time a new Service Request was entered related to maintenance.