Equipment RTUs

The Equipment is the focal point of Equipment Manager. Currently Equipment Manager several types of HVAC equipment, including: RTU, Chiller, Cooling Unit / Heat Pump, Air Handling Unit / Furnace, Boiler, Unit Heater / Water Heater, Fan Control / Exhaust Fan, Pumps, Cooling Towers, and Variable Air Volume Boxes, etc. In addition, Equipment Manager is designed to handle misc. building equipment such as Alarm Panels, Fire Extinguishers, Restroom Appliances, and Emergency Lighting. Equipment may be assigned to a Suite, as well as a Floor to allow sorting and searching.

Equipment can only be created by a licensed Contractor. The Customer can view all equipment for any of the related Job Sites one of two ways. First by navigating to the Job Site listing and clicking on the Job Site name, or by navigating to the Equipment listing and searching for the equipment in question.

Equipment Listing

The Customer can click on the Reports icon to view Images, Inspections and a Belt and Filter list for any piece of equipment from the Equipment listing. In addition, the Customer can click on the Equipment Info icon to download an Equipment Info pdf with all the details of the equipment. This can be printed as needed.