The guest technician is a mobile user for the Guest Contractor. Each guest technician will receive an email with login credentials for access to the Guest Technician mobile app that can be downloaded on either Android or Apple cell phones. The app is free to download, but the login can only be assigned to a single mobile user. Should the need for the user to change mobile devices, the Customer will have to click the Clear Device ID icon on the Guest Technician listing page. The Customer also has the ability to edit an existing Technician by clicking the Edit icon.

Guest Technician Mobile App

While the Guest Technician mobile application is primarily designed to do work on HVAC equipment, it can efficiently be used for all other job site related work. The following sections will explain the mobile app and how it is used to do work on the Job Site for the Customer.

New Mobile User Account

Mobile users can be assigned by the Customer Admin level account or by the Guest Contractor. At any point a new Guest Technician can be created with just a name, phone number and email. In addition the web user will have to know what Job Sites they want to assign the technician too.

When a new mobile user account is created, the mobile user will be emailed an invitation to download the Guest Technician mobile app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store Connect. Once they have downloaded the app, they will be able to use the login credentials provided in the email.

Logging Into the Mobile App

Once downloaded, the mobile user will be able to login to the app where they will be greeted and asked to confirm the mobile login information of Name and Email. This is so that if the job assignment changes to another person, that person can update the assigned account to their name and email. Information about the Customer and Contractor are displayed also.

In addition to the Work Order list, the mobile app also will provide the user with a list of all the Job Sites related to the Customer with address and a navigation link to allow easy access to the mobile navigation system.

Selecting a Job

Select Job Screen

Once the mobile user is logged into the mobile app, they will be asked to select a job from the list. This list can be long or short depending entirely on the number of jobs that have been assigned to the user.

The job listing will give the user basic info about the job including Job Site name, address, job number, and request number. This list is searchable by Job Site name and Number. Jobs are listed by color according to there urgency. Emergency jobs are listed as Yellow, Blue jobs are non-emergency job. Grey jobs are ones that are closed. If a job has a schedule date as the current day, it will show in the listing even when its closed so the tech can see which jobs have already been done.

When the mobile user clicks on a job, they will be taken to the a start work screen that will allow them to mark themselves as in route or begin working. These actions of beginning their trip to the job site and starting to work are tagged in the system under the activities table.

Selecting Equipment

Once the user has indicated they are starting work they will see the Select Equipment screen for the Job Site. This screen will display for the user, the Job Site, Request number, Description of the work being requested and indicate any equipment that has been flagged by the Customer as related to the requested work. If the job site has HVAC equipment entered, the list of equipment could be a number of items. If not, the only equipment showing will be the default Jobsite equipment. If the Guest Contractor is doing work that is not HVAC related they will choose the Jobsite equipment.

Once equipment has been selected, the mobile user will have the option to view equipment details (HVAC), Enter a service record, preform an inspection (HVAC) and view history.

Mobile Service Records

Create Service Record

A primary function of the mobile app is to allow the mobile users to enter service records. This can be as simple as adding some notes about what you did or as complex as recording labor time and materials for the job.

Service records are dated, timestamped and geo tagged when they are submitted. The user has the option when completing a service record to enter text, images, labor times, and materials. Once all this is completed, the record will be submitted. At this point the user is asked a series of questions as follows.

  • What is the current state of the equipment, enabled or disabled.
  • Does the equipment need to be flagged for repair?
  • Does a signature need to be captured.

If the first two questions are answered as disabled or yes, the user will be asked to enter additional text ask to why the equipment is being flagged. If the equipment is flagged, the Contractor and Customer will receive an email when the record is submitted notifying them that the equipment has been flagged with issue and may need more attention. The last question if answered yes will produce a signature box that will be attached to the record as an image.